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Natomas Property Management

As investors ourselves, Titan Property Management understands owners' needs. TPM will manage your property with the most effective methods and knowledgeable staff available in today's Natomas property management industry. With attention to every detail before, during and after the leased term, our Natomas property management team delivers. We are here to make sure your investment is protected and to give you peace of mind.

What we do as your Natomas Property Manager?

  • Tenant Screening
  • Rent Collections
  • Interactive Website for Owners & Tenants
  • Accounting Services (Accounting-Only Services Available)
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service
  • Maintenance & Construction Management
  • Dedicated Maintenance Division
  • Vacancy Preparation
  • Perform Regular Property Inspections
  • Eviction Coordination
  • Personalized Legal Forms

...All provided in an efficient, courteous and timely manner

We Listen, Research and Plan

Then We Manage

We understand that owners have different needs and reasons for seeking a Natomas property management company. Our philosophy is, "It's your investment. We make it work for you." That's why TPM offers a comprehensive range of service options ...and customized service contracts. Our only business is to relieve owners of the day-to-day details - so you can relax and attend to other business.

Titan Property Management is committed to maximizing cash flow, minimizing the vacancy period, protecting the owner's investment and achieving long-term relationships. We do this by maintaining high professional standards in our services to owners and tenants.

Preventative Measures

Titan emphasizes preventive measures that can help reduce risk and save money in the long term. Our annual maintenance survey programs enable us to identify areas that need attention. Our clients trust Titan to deal with issues before they become emergencies ...or a drain on their profitability.

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Owner FAQ

Why would a property owner hire an offsite, independent Property Management Company if there is already an on-site manager?

Investors may be great at acquiring investment properties but may not have the time, expertise or resource to manage their investments properly, or may be out of town investors. Often times, this may lead to reduce cash flow due to an oversight or mismanagement of the current on-site management staff. 

Investors who are unavailable to train their on-site managers, audit their books, or develop a management plan, TPM offers those services for their convenience.  Many investors hire TPM to:

Listen and identify investors’ goals and objectives.  Each investor is unique and we want to find out what goals and expectations you have for the investment property.

Research and Analyze.  We will work with your existing on-site managers and off-site personnel to understand and analyze the current physical condition of the property, financial reports, market position in comparison to the competition and operational infrastructure of the property so we can make our professional recommendations.  

Monitor, implement, and manage.  From our analysis we will work closely with the investor to develop and implement a strategic management plan that is tailored to meet the objectives that are unique to each property.  We will closely monitor the progress and report back to the investors.

TPMs management approach is not to be intrusive but take the time to understand the current management systems in place before making any recommendations to improve the current system.  Sometimes, the existing manager is doing a great job and only needs minor guidance and support from TPM to increase efficiency.  Or our research may reveal many discrepancies that may lead us to recommend retraining the current on-site management staff or even replacement of current on-site management.  With TPMs management team on board, investors will experience an increase in productivity from their on-site managers which leads to an increase in cash flow. Our goal is to increase efficiency through accountability.

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