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*ATTENTION INVESTORS: Is your time is worth more than 0.69¢ per hour?*

If yes, you need to read this letter of why you should hire a licensed property management firm to manage your properties!

Besides getting reports from your on-site management staff, do you have an independent, licensed property management firm that can support and supervise your on-site management staff? Astute investors realize that hiring professional property managers to manage their investment properties gives them more time to focus on making strategic buying and selling decisions to grow their portfolios; or just more time to focus on what is important to them (family, travel, sport, hobbies, etc…). In fact, if you hire the right property management team, the benefits far outweigh the small management fee that is tax deductible. As an independent property management firm that is licensed and regulated by California’s Department of Real Estate, and also a member of national and local professional associations, Titan Property Management (TPM) will serve, on behalf of investors, to develop a management plan that:

  • Preserves the asset.
  • Builds a steady and satisfying return on your investment.
  • Enhances the value of the asset.
  • Deals with the day-to-day problems incidental of ownership.
  • Minimizes liabilities.
  • Reduces expenses.
  • Increases cash flow
  • Provides tenant(s) quiet enjoyment.

Investors may be great at acquiring investment properties but may not have the time, expertise or resource to manage their investments properly. Often times, this may lead to reduce cash flow due to an oversight or mismanagement of the current on-site management staff.

If you are unavailable to train your managers, audit your books, or develop a management plan, we offer those services for your convenience. Many investors hire TPM to:

  • Listen and identify investors’ goals and objectives. Each investor is unique and we want to find out what goals and expectations you have for the investment property.
  • Research and Analyze. We will work with your existing on-site managers and off-site personnel to understand and analyze the current physical condition of the property, financial reports, market position in comparison to the competition and operational infrastructure of the property so we can make our professional recommendations.
  • Monitor, implement, and manage. From our analysis we will work closely with the investor to develop and implement a strategic management plan that is tailored to meet the objectives that are unique to each property. We will closely monitor the progress and report back to the investors.

TPMs management approach is not to be intrusive but understand the current management system in place before we make any recommendations to improve the current system. Sometimes, the existing manager is doing a great job and only needs minor guidance and support from us. Our research may reveal many discrepancies that may lead us to recommend retraining the current on-site management staff or even replacement of current on-site management. With TPMs management team on board, investors experience an increase in productivity from their on-site managers which leads to an increase in cash flow.

TPM takes a proactive approach to management to enhance the value of your investment properties. By hiring us, you are actually hiring a team of dedicated and experienced property managers, attorneys, bookkeepers, accountants, maintenance and vendors that are dedicated to protecting your investments. Think of TPM as your team of consultants to help you increase your cash flow. All of these services are included in with your tax deductible, low management fee that may cost you tens of thousands, if you put it together yourself.

What’s unique about TPM is that we invest in properties similar to the properties we manage so we understand what is actually involved. We strive to hire the best in the industry and our managers go through a rigorous training program in their field of specialty. We currently own and manage:

  • Commercial Properties (strip centers, retail, office, mix-use, industrial)
  • Apartment Complexes (all sizes; with and without on-site managers)
  • Mobile Home Parks (Manufactured Housing Communities, Mobile Home Parks, Trailer Parks)
  • Owner Associations (commercial owner associations, homeowner associations, condo associations)
  • Residential Income (single family homes, duplexes, fourplexes, condos, townhomes)

*Please inquire now for a FREE, no obligation consultation*

*Calculation based on an average property management fee = $500 per month, divided by 30 days per month= $16.67 per day, divided by 24 hours per day = 0.69¢ per hour. With a single family home the average fee = $85 per month, divided by 30 days per month = $2.83 per day, divided by 24 hours per day = 0.12¢ per hour.

Now that’s what we call a smart investment! Management fees are usually tax deductible, consult a tax advisor. What can you do with more time?

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8421 Auburn Blvd Suite 170, Citrus Heights, CA 95610
Telephone: (916) 349-7620
(916) 745-3385
Toll Free: (800) 584-1688
Fax: (916) 735-5957