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How Titan Property Management Protects Your Sacramento Investment Property

System - Tuesday, December 27, 2016

When you hire a Sacramento property management company, you expect to get day-to-day management. You know your rent will be collected, tenants will have someone to call if a toilet breaks, and your property will remain leased and profitable. You also need to think about long term returns and the protection of your investment. A good management company will protect your home by saving you money, preserving its condition, and making sure it’s performing as well as you expect it to.

Educating Tenants 

One of the most common disputes between tenants and landlords is over the security deposit. Money can be withheld from that deposit to pay for damage left behind by the tenant, but it cannot be used for normal wear and tear. A good property manager will know the difference and will educate tenants about their responsibilities and how to get that deposit back. When tenants understand what is expected and required, they will take better care of your property, and they will do what they need to do to have their security deposit returned. This minimizes damage at your property and allows for quicker turnover periods. 

Preventative Maintenance 

Fixing a simple leak is a lot easier and more cost effective than repairing water damage that occurred due to a flood. Property managers regularly schedule maintenance and repairs so that there is no chance of small problems becoming large problems. They encourage tenants to report problems right away, and they respond immediately to issues that put your property at risk. 

Rental Inspections

At Titan, we perform a rental property inspection annually. This is a comprehensive look at the property that includes all the systems, the appliances, and 
everything that’s found in the interior and exterior of the property. This tells us what kind of repairs or upgrades are needed, and it helps Sacramento investors plan for expenses that might be coming up. We will provide you will detailed photos and documentation that gives you a clear picture of the state of your investment property. These inspections are a value to our clients because it ensures that nothing is missed at your property, and we know that your tenants are following the terms of their lease

There are many other things we do to protect your property. If you’d like to hear more, please contact us at Titan Property Management.