About Us

TPM is so effective, clients call us their "profit managers."

As a family business, Titan believes property ownership should be rewarding. With Titan on board, it will be. Titan strives to create the right balance between income potential and necessary expenses, the best fit between owner and tenant, for a long-term relationship. We’re here to protect and grow your investment, keep you informed, and keep the vacancies low so that your cash flows.

Our business model is based on our own experience. As investors ourselves, we’ve built and managed our own investment properties from the ground up. We know firsthand what makes a property a profitable investment. We understand the value of efficiency, risk management and tenant comfort. Every aspect of our service is focused on maximizing your investment.

We’ve managed since 1983 by being dedicated to one business only: providing commercial and residential income property owners with hands-on, professional management for their investments. This commitment to property management allows us to focus on taking care of your property and not be distracted by the sales market. With our experienced, dedicated management team, we can provide great services at very competitive prices.

Titan Property Management is the first management company to allow employees the opportunity to become partners and own a share of the portfolio they manage. They take personal responsibility and pride in providing excellent service.

Why Work with Titan Property Management?

The Titan 10

You have a choice of property management firms. Here are 10 advantages to choosing TPM to manage your investment property: